Personalize Your Walls - And Tell Your Story

For the last 25 years our family has lived in many different home settings located in many different parts of the country. To have a wife who has the unique God-given talent to make any house feel like a home is truly remarkable. These custom built signs are made by her hands, a woman who has consistently made our ever-changing and challenging life together very special.  

The greatest influence on her handiwork is what she has gleaned in making any house we have occupied a place of refuge as our family added more children, today we share the privilege of parenting a family with eight children, all of which are her inspiration, her critics, and her best helpers in the design and fashioning of these beautiful signs. 

Jonathan Keener - husband of Sharon Keener

Our CUSTOM pricing structure is based on:

1. How many pieces of wood are required

2. How many words are required

3. Additional accenting artwork that is requested

All of our signs are painted painstakingly by hand

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Additional customized signs for your home decor 

$35 custom - Child's room







Our Artists 

Mom with her little helper 

Zoe - the baby of the family

Jenna - a great sign painter 

our oldest

 Keener Family Project Pics

 Zoe - just showing off

 Zoe's inspirational words & phases

"A friend loves with all their joy"

"Tell the truth in all your glory"

"Love one another to each other"


 Zoe doing her part of the project

 Sharon pays attention to each detail

It's about matching your sign to your skirt